Best Gifts for Anyone – Unique and Creative!

Best Gifts for Anyone

After years and years of picking out birthday and holiday gifts for friends and family, it can be difficult to come up with a gift that is unique and creative. Etsy and Amazon are wonderful sites that will give you many different gift ideas. Gone are the days where you give your mother nice lotion, your dad a shirt, and your brother tickets to his favorite sporting event. There are unique gifts out there that will thrill your family and friends. Here are 5 of the best gifts for anyone that are both unique and creative.

1. Magazine Cover

Best Gifts for Anyone - Magazine Cover

Ever wonder what a family member or friend would look like on the cover of a magazine? A shop on Etsy now allows buyers to purchase a custom design magazine cover as a birthday gift that displays a picture of a loved one on the front. In addition to the picture, it includes featured headings such as “amazing mom” or “30 and thriving!” The title of the magazine will be the name of the person who is receiving the gift. The process to order is simple and the turnaround is only 2-3 days. First, send in the name, birthday, age, and some interesting facts about the person. Don’t send in too many phrases to add to the cover, otherwise it will become cluttered. The second step is to send in a high-quality photo. Try to send in a photo of the person by themselves, that way the Etsy artist won’t have to do any cropping. Send a photo from a computer as photos from a phone are not as good of quality. The third step is to select the size. The standard size is 8×10 but you can also request a custom size. The best part about this gift is you don’t have to pay for shipping and wait weeks for it to come in the mail. Everything is digital! The artist will send you a JPEG digital file and you will do the printing yourself. The artist recommends using matte photo paper or white card stock. Once you receive the digital file, go to your local office supply store to make sure you get a high-quality print of the file. Your loved one will be shocked when they open up your gift and see their own picture on a magazine cover! This gift is extremely thoughtful and will be loved by all.

2. Personalized Pillow

Best Gifts for Anyone - Personalized Pillow

Everyone loves decorative pillows. They look great in many different rooms in the house. What if pillows could be covered with a beautiful, customized cover? A personalized pillow cover is a great gift to give a friend or a family member. These pillows come in five different colors and have a name written across the front in a beautiful cursive font. The pillow covers are made out of velvet giving them a very soft feel. These pillow covers are great presents in a variety of situations. They are the perfect gift for a newlywed couple. Get his and her pillow covers displaying each of their names. Another thoughtful wedding gift would be to order a pillow cover customized with the new family last name. It is also a good gift from the bride to the bridal party before the wedding. Each bridesmaid can get a pillow cover containing her name. If you have a daughter, this is the perfect pillow cover to put on her bed. The turnaround time is pretty quick at 5-7 days. Nothing is more sentimental than a gift that has been personalized with someone’s name.

3. Window Bird Feeder

Do you have a bird watcher in your family? Often times, adults and kids alike love to watch birds, but they fly away so quickly it can be tough to get a good glimpse. Buy the bird lover in your life a window bird feeder. This unique gift is an acrylic box that has suction cups that can attach to any outside window in your house. The box contains bird food so the birds will fly into the box for their meals. Since the entire box is clear, you will be able to watch the birds while inside your house. The box allows birds to feed all year long in any type of weather. The feeder can also fit more than one bird at once. The feeder has walls and a roof to prevent pesky animals like squirrels from getting in. Another benefit of the feeder is that it can be refilled from inside your house. From your kids to your cat, everyone will enjoy watching the daily visitors to the feeder. This is the perfect gift for a birthday or a holiday. The best part? This feeder is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If your loved one is not fully satisfied, return the feeder for a full refund. For the reasonable price of $25 each, you can buy multiple feeders to place in different areas of the house.

4. Personalized Family Portrait

Turn a family photograph into a custom illustration. This sentimental gift idea can be found on Amazon. Simply submit a family photo with some fun facts about the family. For example, mention that your daughter loves to dance or that your son plays basketball. The artist will use the photograph and facts to draw a custom portrait. The picture can also include custom wording such as “The Jones Family – established in 1985”. The best part about this gift is that it is something that everyone will love. Send in a photo of your child graduating and then give it to them as a going away to college gift. Take a picture of friends who are engaged and then get a custom picture for their wedding gift. Use a wedding picture of a couple to get a custom print to give them on their anniversary. The options are endless. The custom portraits only take 3-4 days to create. The artist will send a proof via email and the buyer can ask for any changes or updates to the design. After the buyer gives final approval, the prints are shipped. They arrive unframed but many buyers decide to add a frame once they receive the print for an additional touch. Follow @westclayco on Instagram to see examples of their previous designs.

5. Watercolor House Portrait

This unique gift is perfect for someone moving into a new home or selling their current home. Send the artist a photograph of a home and she will turn it into a custom watercolor painting. This is a creative way to preserve a memory of a home into a piece of art. The paintings are extremely accurate and look exactly like the real-life homes. This custom piece of art takes the artist 6-10 days to create so the turnaround time is quick! The pictures come in two size options, 9×12 and 11×16. Give this thoughtful, sentimental gift next time you attend a housewarming or a moving party.


The best gifts are unique and creative. When someone receives a gift, it is most special when it is obvious that the gift giver put a lot of time and effort into thinking about a sentimental gift. A lot of times the most wonderful gifts are those that are custom-made for the person. As mentioned above, Etsy and Amazon provide customized gifts such as magazine covers, personalized pillows, family illustrations, and watercolor house portraits. Another way to give a unique gift is to buy something that strongly correlates with an interest. For example, the bird feeder is a perfect gift for someone with an interest in bird watching. Next time you buy a gift, stray away from your typical options and try something new and creative. Once you start giving unique and thoughtful gifts, you will be surprised at what you receive in return.

If you have any questions, ask them below. I’m always happy to help!

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