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Best Gifts on Etsy

Etsy is one of the best websites to find unique and creative gifts on. The best part of Etsy is that you can find pretty much anything that you are looking for. Simply type something in the search bar and thousands of gifts will come up. The website also has a great category breakdown for users to sort through different types of gifts such as “home & living” or “wedding & party”. Another great thing about Etsy is that a lot of the products are made by small “mom & pop shop” artists. It is great to support artists who own their own businesses and may just be starting out. Here are 5 of the best types of gifts on Etsy.

Personalized and Customized Gifts

Best Gifts on Etsy - Monogram Sign

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When shopping on Etsy, you will notice that many shops will personalize their items. For example, you could get a friend wine classes with her family last name on them. Pretty much any item you need, you can probably find a way to personalize it on Etsy. Monogrammed gifts are currently very popular. On Etsy you can get a monogram on many items including bathrobes, necklaces, hats, cups, and much more. The options are endless! The customization of gifts on Etsy goes far beyond names and initials. Many of the products allow for customization of things like colors and fonts as well. Many Etsy artists are also willing to have open communication with customers. This means you can message back and forth with them and inquire about different personalization options. Personalized gifts are perfect for weddings. Newlyweds will appreciate receiving gifts that highlight their new shared last name or their wedding date. Personalized gifts are extremely thoughtful and will always be appreciated by the person receiving the gift.

State Gifts

Best Gifts on Etsy - State Necklaces

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Another great gift to get someone on Etsy is something specific to their state. Many people have pride about either the state they live in, the state they were born in, or even the state they went to college in. Etsy has many state specific gift options. Once on the website, type the desired state into the search bar. Thousands of options will come up. Examples include a cutting board shaped like your state, a necklace with the outline of the state as the charm, or stickers of your state to place on a car window. Etsy even sells state candles that have a specific smell depending on the state.

There are also many different college specific gifts. For example, type in University of Texas and find gifts specifically customized to that university. State gifts are perfect to give a friend who is moving. Let them take a piece of home with them as they take on a new adventure in a new state. It is also perfect for college graduates. They will appreciate having a gift customized to their university to bring with them as they move on. These gifts are also perfect for homeowners who are fanatic about their state.


Best Gifts on Etsy - Custom Portrait

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Art is another great gift to purchase on Etsy. You have the benefit of shopping at thousands of boutique art galleries from the comfort of your own home. Etsy has a lot of unique art. There are so many talented artists that are trying to get their brand well-known and are trying to build their Etsy store. From paintings to photographs, to sculptures, Etsy has it all. Etsy can also save buyers a lot of money on art. Certain prints are available for digital download. This means the customer can download the art on their computer and get it printed at a place of their choice. This can cut down on a lot of expenses. Art is a great gift to get someone for a housewarming party. All new houses need decorations and pieces of art will be greatly appreciated.

Wedding Gifts

Best Gifts on Etsy - Wedding Gift

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Brides and grooms find themselves constantly being showered with gifts during their engagement and at their wedding. There comes a time when the bride and groom give gifts of their own. Brides give gifts to many people including their parents, bridesmaids, and future husband. Grooms give gifts to their parents, groomsmen, and future wife. The bride and groom also typically buy favors that will be passed out at the wedding. Etsy is a great place to find all of these gifts. In fact, on Etsy you can search things like “bridesmaid gifts” or “mother of the groom gifts” and thousands of options will come up. It is a great idea to get bridesmaids and groomsmen something personalized whether this is a wine tumbler or a whiskey glass. Think about what your crowd would enjoy and you are guaranteed to find it on Etsy. The bride and groom can also get personalized cards to go along with the gifts they are giving to their friends and family.


Best Gifts on Etsy - Jewelry

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Last but not least, jewelry is a great, creative gift to get from Etsy. You can find some unique jewelry items designed and made by Etsy artists. Etsy has rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, body jewelry, and more! Type in the search bar what you are looking for and thousands or results will appear. Feel free to be as specific as you want. For example, a search of “gold diamond ring” returns over 300,000 results. A search of “Apple watch band” returns over 13,000 results. It is amazing how much is out there. A lot of the jewelry for sale on Etsy can be personalized and customized. Initials and monograms are common customizations made on jewelry. Jewelry is a great gift to give someone for their birthday or Christmas. It also makes for a great anniversary present.

How Do I Get Started on Etsy

Now that you have read about all the amazing items available on Etsy, here is how to get started. First, create an account. This will make the shopping experience and communication with artists much easier. Also, it gives users the ability to “favorite” items which automatically creates a list which is helpful when keeping track of multiple ideas. Once you have your account, start shopping! The options are endless and regardless of what you choose, an Etsy gift is always appreciated because it is unique, creative, and thoughtful.

If you have any questions, ask them below. I’m always happy to help!

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