Best Weighted Blanket – You’ll Sleep your Worries Away!

Best Weighted Blanket

Do you know what a weighted blanket is? Well, they are filled with a material to provide deep pressure and simulate the feeling of being held or touched. This weighted pressure helps the production of endorphins and serotonin. Therefore, you will feel a sense of relaxation and calmness. To put it in simple terms, you will sleep like you’ve never slept before. Before I started using weighted blankets I would wake up a lot and was never cozy, now I sleep so deep and sound. If you have anxiety or trouble sleeping, you NEED one! They will make you feel better and more energized. I’ve tested many blankets, and below you will find the best weighted blanket.

Cooling Weighted Blanket

This blanket works miracles, and you won’t sweat your butt off. I love this blanket because the material is so luxurious, and the colors are beautiful. The way this blanket weighs on you feels amazing. I immediately feel better after wrapping myself in this blanket. Check it out here!

Best Weighted Blanket

Super Soft Weighted Blanket

I’ve added this blanket to the mix, in case you are often cold when you sleep. The cooling blanket might not be for you if you are cold at night. This alternative option is so soft and warm. It will make you feel so cuddly and calm. If you’re more of a soft and fuzzy kind of person this might be a better option for you. Check it out here!

Best Weighted Blanket

Relaxation at it’s Finest

You don’t know what true relaxation is until you’ve slept with a weighted blanket. You will feel like you are waking up a new person. If I don’t sleep with my weighted blanket, I don’t sleep nearly as well. You’ll love life and feel less stressed with your new cozy blanket!

4 thoughts on “Best Weighted Blanket – You’ll Sleep your Worries Away!

  1. Wow this is interesting , I never heard  of weighted blankets what a awesome concept , I like to sleep using a down comforter because of the weight of it but my wife gets to hot . I think I will be looking into getting one of these blankets , do you have any idea what the blanket is filled with to give it weight ? Thanks I will bookmark your site and check back 


    1. Hi Rick! You’ll have to test out sleeping with a weighted blanket! Most are filled with glass beads, but it depends on the brand.

  2. Hi Katy – I was not familiar with a weighted blanket until a few weeks ago when I learned that my niece uses one.  She says it helps her sleep and calms her.  I found your article interesting and intriguing.  

    I noticed that the Calming Weighted Blanket says it weighs 15 pounds.  Do the blankets come in different weights, or is that a standard weight for these blankets?

    Nice article,


    1. Hi Michele! There are many different weights. You should get a weighted blanket based on how much you weight. Here is the standard blanket weight per body weight:

      90-110lbs = 9-11lb blanket

      110-120lbs = 11-12lb blanket

      120-130lbs = 12-13lb blanket

      140-160lbs = 13-14lb blanket

      160-180lbs = 14-16lb blanket

      180-200lbs = 18-20lb blanket

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