Cool Finds on Amazon | Where Have These Been my Whole Life?

Cool Finds on Amazon

Amazon is full of interesting things.  Amongst the millions of available items, sometimes it can be hard to weed through everything to find the amazing products.  There are so many cool finds on Amazon.  In fact, there is something for everyone!  Whether you are buying for yourself, a family member, or a friend, Amazon is a great place to get interesting and unique items.  Here is a list of 10 cool finds on Amazon.

1. Staple Free Stapler

You may be thinking, how can a stapler not have staples?  With this staple free stapler never have to worry about buying staples again!  The stapler uses an inter-folding process to fasten the papers together.  The device can put together up to five pieces of paper.  The stapler is small, lightweight, and easy to use.  Never worry about jamming the shredder or copier again with staples.  This product can be used at work, school, home, and anywhere else when a stapler is needed.  After seeing the magic for yourself, you will be left wondering why you have spent all these years using a normal stapler.  The item is only $9.99 with Amazon Prime and comes in 7 different colors.

2. Backyard Hammock Swing Bed

This hammock is the perfect addition to any backyard.  The 2-person hammock can be placed anywhere in the backyard as it has a wooden frame that can be placed on the ground instead of tied to trees like a traditional hammock.  The hammock also has a fabric roof cover to protect your skin when the sun is intense.  This item is perfect for the outdoor lover.  Enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday with a book or fall asleep to the crickets chirping on a Friday night.  This hammock swing bed will quickly be loved by your entire family.

3. Mini Fire Bowl

Ever wanted a fire pit in your backyard but just don’t have the space? Zen out your backyard this summer with a mini fire bowl.  The fire bowls are about 17 pounds and can be placed around the yard as a relaxing décor item.  Each bowl includes stones with a flame can in the center.  There are a variety of different base options available.  The flame will burn for 2-3 hours.  Scented diffusers and Citronella flames can be purchased as well.

4. Bug Shooter

Warmer weather often means more flies.  Once a fly is in the house, it is almost impossible to catch.  Swinging a shoe or newspaper at it rarely works.  Have no fear!  The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is here!  This shooter sprays salt which will instantly kill a fly.  No longer worry about fly infestations.  Quickly take care of them in no time with this cool invention.  The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is very accurate, lightweight at 2.3 pounds, and does not need batteries.  To get started, simply open the lid and pour in table salt.  Once the salt is inside, the shooter should work 80 times before needing to be refilled.  The next step is to cock back the handle and then push forward.  The gun will work within 3 feet of the bug.  Another benefit of using the shooter is that the bug remains whole after being shot.  This makes clean up extremely easy.  Keep in mind safety protocols and do not let anyone under the age of 18 use this shooter.

5. Bug Bite Relief Suction

bug bite thing

Bug bites can be painful, itchy, and overall annoying.  What if you were able to find a product that could give you instant relief?  The Bug Bite Relief Suction does just that.  The unique suction pump removes the poison, venom, saliva, etc. under the skin that was left from the bug.  This allows the body to stop reacting to the foreign substance, thus providing relief from itching, pain, and swelling.  This product works on bites and stings from mosquitos, bees, fire ants, and more!  It is also safe to use on children.  The device is small and lightweight and can easily be carried with you wherever you go.  Leave one in your purse, in the car, and inside the house that way you will never find yourself without your bug bite relief suction.  The suction is reusable and does not use anything like batteries or needles.

6. Hanging Cocoon

The hanging cocoon is another relaxing summer seat that is perfect for the backyard.  Think caterpillar cocoon but instead of a caterpillar, it’s you cozied up inside this hammock like item.  The cocoon can be hung from a tree or a structure like a deck.  A stand can also be purchased that allows the cocoon to be placed on the ground.  This is a must-have item for your family.  Bring it with you on your beach vacation or camping trip.  The cocoon has a lot of space and can hold up to 400 pounds.  The fabric provides UV protection keeping you and your family safe on sunny days.  Grab a book, laptop, or journal and enjoy spending time in this hanging cocoon.

7. Butterfly Surprise for Cards

This item is a fun addition to any type of card.  The butterflies are 11 cm x 12 cm and are made of plastic, paper, and rubber.  Wind up the butterflies 30 times and then place them in a card or gift.  When the person opens it, the butterfly will come flying out!  This is such a fun and unexpected surprise.  Kids and adults alike will be thrilled with these “flying” presents.  This is a great surprise to include in wedding cards, party invitations, Christmas stockings, and birthday presents for kids.  When you purchase these butterfly surprises, they will come in a pack of 4.

8. Self-Therapy Note Pad

This note pad provides people with a quick therapy session that is free of charge!  The note pad includes a self-therapy checklist where the user gets to answer a bunch of different questions.  The questions are supposed to help the user reflect on what is bothering them while instilling a sense of humor about the issue.  The note pad starts by asking what is the “psychodrama of the moment”.  Then it has users write about how they feel about the issue and where it likely stems from (ex: mother, children, bad luck, etc.)  The user then brainstorms relevant past and present influences and what all of this means.  At the end it has a spot for a “breakthrough” where the user checks of “actual therapy required”, “medication, please”, “everybody else is crazy”, or “I’m so evolved”.  These fun note pads are great to keep around the house and the office to help lighten the mood when there is an issue at hand.  Each pad is 6 x 9 inches and comes with 60 sheets.  If you enjoy the self-therapy note pad, check out other pads made by the same brand such as the Brain Dump, What to Eat, and Make a Decision pads.

9. Chick Measuring Cups

Let’s face it.  Measuring cups are probably not the most exciting part of your kitchen tool set.  That is until you purchase Fred NESTED Hen & Chick Dry Measuring Cups.  This set of 6 includes a red, white, and yellow hen, all of which are different sized measuring cups.  Inside each hen, is an egg which is also a measuring cup.  Between the eggs and hens, there are measuring cups from ¼ cup to a full cup.  The cups are fun for the whole family and only cost $12 with Amazon Prime.  Display these cute cups on your counter for everyone to see.  These chick measuring cups will make cooking and baking a lot more fun.  It will also make your kids want to get involved in the kitchen!

10. Glow in the Dark Yard Pebbles

Brighten up your garden with glow in the dark yard pebbles.  During the day these pebbles will absorb light which will allow them to glow for 3-6 hours at night.  These pebbles can be used to decorate a garden, line a walking path, place in flower pots, put in the bottom of fountains, and more!  The pebbles will glow more brightly when they are placed close together so make sure you place at least 10 close together.  The package comes with 200 total stones, 100 green and 100 blue.  The stones are eco-friendly and will not cause any harm to animals.  Another fun place to put these pebbles is in the bottom of an indoor fish tank.  The pebbles will absorb artificial light in the house during the day and emit light, making your fish visible at night.

Sometimes mindlessly searching on Amazon can lead to the coolest products.  Amazon is a great place to find gifts or unique items for the home.  The above list includes 10 cool finds on Amazon that will leave you thinking, “Where have these been my whole life?”  The best part?  These items are shipped directly to your door!  Sign up for an Amazon Prime account and reap the benefits of free shipping.  Add these items to your wish list and starting purchasing them today!

3 thoughts on “Cool Finds on Amazon | Where Have These Been my Whole Life?

  1. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about these cool little items on Amazon. It’s incredible how big of a marketplace Amazon is and how many items I haven’t seen before. I especially like the bug shooting gun, I’m really curious as to how spraying salt can kill flies, can it kill those big ones? That’s one I definitely going to have to check out. Thanks for this article.

    1. Hi! The salt comes out very very fast (like a bullet), so the power of the salt kills the bugs!

  2. Hi Katy! Wao! What an interesting selection of cool stuff! I need at least three of the things you mentioned on this list. I found the Staple free stapler to be very useful to have in the office. The Bug Shooter is an awesome idea! Shooting salt! It’s effective and also fun! And the Hanging Cocoon is a must to relax this summer! Thank you for putting together this list! 🙂 

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