Creative Baby Gifts – New Moms will LOVE These!

Creative Baby Gifts

There are so many cute baby products on the market. It can be overwhelming for a new mom to pick which ones to buy! Whether you are a new mom yourself or looking for creative baby gifts for a loved one, here is a list of products that moms will love! These are perfect gifts to add to your registry or bring to a baby shower.

Zebra Hooded Animal Blanket

Creative Baby Gifts - Hooded Blanket
What could be cuter than a baby bundled up in a blanket that looks like an animal? This soft, cozy blanket is equipped with zebra stripes and a hood and two adorable pointy ears. This product is great for bundling up on a cold day. In addition to the zebra option, Amazon offers many other animal blanket styles including bears, owls, pandas, flamingos, and more! The hooded animal blanket is 100% polyester making it soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

Giant Teddy Bear

Creative Baby Gifts - Giant Bear
A giant plush teddy bear is the perfect item of décor for a baby nursery. This bear measures 53 inches which is over 4 feet tall! This is a great gift for new moms who are setting up their nursery. As the kids gets older, they will love playing with the bear and using it as a body pillow.

Baby Wearing Shirt

Creative Baby Gifts - Baby ShirtCreative Baby Gifts - Baby Shirt

Parents will always want to keep their newborn baby close by. A baby wearing shirt provides parents with an apparel item with a large fabric pouch to hold the baby in. For new moms, shop the soothe shirt. This shirt has a soothing, easy-to-use pouch, a built-in nursing bra, and breathable material that safely supports the baby. For the father, purchase the dad shirt. This shirt also contains a pouch that soothes newborns. The shirt is a comfortable and stylish V-neck design with breathable and safely supportive material. These shirts are great gifts for new parents.

Animated Elephant

Creative Baby Gifts - Animated Elephant
This adorable baby elephant is perfect for both baby boys and girls. It is cute and gray with floppy ears. The elephant’s name is Flappy and he says “Peek-a-book is most fun with you!” If you press the left foot, Flappy will play an interactive game of peek-a-boo. If you press the right foot, he will sing “Do Your Ears Hang Low.” Parents can play the songs and voices for their new baby and watch as a smile spreads across their face. Once the child is old enough, they will enjoy interacting and playing with Flappy on their own! The animated elephant can be a great toy for a child for many years!

Watch the video below to see Flappy in action:

Newborn Baby Girls’ Party Dress

Creative Baby Gifts - Little Black Dress

One fun part about having a baby girl is getting to dress them up! This party dress bodysuit is black with images of a pearl necklace and a purse on the dress. It is a perfect way for your baby to have accessories without actually having to wear them. The dress is a great thing to wear to birthday parties and family photo shoots. It is made of 100% cotton making it soft and breathable. The dress comes in different sizes based on the age of the baby. Sizes include 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.

Fun Pacifiers

Creative Baby Gifts - Fun Pacifiers
Babies love pacifiers and with this collection, parents can get a good laugh every time they give their kid a pacifier. This 3-pack of latex-free pacifiers are shaped like bright pink kissy lips, lips with buck teeth, and lips with a mustache. These pacifiers will provide parents will endless entertainment and laughs each time their baby uses the pacifier. In addition to being latex-free, these pacifiers are BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. This is a great gift to give new parents who have a sense of humor!

Baby Teething Necklace

Creative Baby Gifts - Teether Necklace
Nothing is worse than being out running errands and realizing you left the baby’s teething ring at home. With this teething necklace, you will have teething beads around your neck for the baby to use at any minute! Not only is the necklace fashionable for moms, but it provides babies with instant teething relief, a gum massage, and stimulates their visual, motor, and sensory development. The necklace is FDA approved and baby safe! It is also dishwasher safe. The necklace comes with a free storage bag to keep it in when you are not wearing it.

Humorous Book

Creative Baby Gifts - Humorous Book
This book is definitely for parent eyes only! Go the F**k to Sleep will provide parents with a laugh as they struggle with getting their newborn to sleep through the night. The New York Times describes this book as “A new Bible for weary parents” and Reader’s Digest included it on its “25 Funniest Books of All Time” list.

Play Mat

Creative Baby Gifts - Play Mat
Expecting parents are always looking for items add to their nursery. These adorable, soft, round, animal print rugs are the perfect décor item to add to the nursery. Animal varieties include a giraffe, fox, koala, lion, and rabbit. In addition to spicing up the look of a nursery, these rugs are also great play mats for your baby. These rugs are made of cotton which is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. The best part about these rugs is that they can be used for years! Even as your child reaches toddler age, the rug provides a great play space for them to spread out their toys on!

The above list provides new parents with creative items to purchase for themselves or gives loved ones a good idea of what to bring to baby showers. These are also great products for expecting parents to add to their gift registry. Another benefit of this list is that the items are gender neutral which is helpful for parents who want the sex of the baby to be a surprise! Start shopping today for these creative, unique baby gifts.

If you have any questions ask them below. I’m always happy to help!

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