Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

We all know a person in our lives who seemingly has everything. Whether our mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, best friend or coworker, buying him or her a present is daunting.

It’s important to start early. You’ve got two months to make a list, check it twice, and really put thought into the process.

Here is a list of both quirky and not-so-quirky gift ideas to make even the most difficult person to shop for merry this holiday season.

Bullet Glass

This unique U.S.-made handblown shot glass that contains a real bullet is one of a kind and it’s almost certain your loved one doesn’t own one. Pair it with some bourbon chapstick or better yet, some actual bourbon.

Mopping Slippers

Do you have a friend who hates to clean? Now she can practically do it in her sleep wearing these mopping slippers. While walking around the house, they’ll pick up little specs of dirt and leave floors refreshed. Her baby
can even get in on the action with this hilarious yet practical mop onesie!

Silly Book

Books can be memorable gifts, especially humorous ones. For example, a cat lover whose feline friend is always getting into trouble may get a kick out of a book titled, “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats” or someone passionate about ranch dressing might like a cookbook called “Ranch: An Ode to America’s Beloved Sauce in 60 Mouth-Watering Recipes.”

Customized Puzzle

A customized puzzle of a special photo, zoo visit, or a time you vacationed with someone is a creative and memorable gift. It is especially a hit with kids who love putting together ones of themselves!
has some great prices as does You can also find deals on

Hotpop Popcorn Maker

Healthy popcorn in a ready-to-serve container? Yes please! This nifty gadget will ensure your loved one always has a way to enjoy this tasty pastime. Just don’t forget to buy him or her some kernels to go with it!

Cozy Blanket

It’s pretty hard for anyone to resist something soft and warm. Blankets come in thousands of patterns and colors for every personality type, and can be embossed with a person’s name or made from an actual photo. Who doesn’t want to have something comfy to curl up under on a cold winter’s day?

Electrocuting Flyswatter

Know a person who absolutely HATES bugs? Empower her with this bug zapper and watch the fear melt away. Even though this may seem like an odd gift, once in the hands of someone terrified by insects, it may quickly become their most treasured present.

Avocado Huggers


A slightly more peculiar option, for a true avocado lover, this little device
that covers avocados and preserves them for later is a lifesaver. It’s small enough to work as a stocking stuffer, too!

World Scratch-off Map

For a friend who wants to start traveling more or is an avid adventurer, a scratch-off world map is a fantastic way for her to document her travels. Kids love to track their international treks, too. If traveling globally isn’t on the docket, but cross-country trips are, gift one of these U.S. photo maps so your friend can have a visual record of what she did in each state.

Fossil Garlic Grater and Dipping Dish

Garlic Grater Dish

This handmade stone dish is a beautiful addition to a chef’s kitchen and practical for any foodie. Simply scrape the garlic cloves across the bottom and add a bit of olive oil to create a tasty dipping sauce or use the grated garlic to flavor another recipe.

Homemade Gift Basket

Gift Basket

A lot of internet sites and stores have great options for gift baskets, but it really shows you care if you put it together yourself. For instance, if a friend likes to shop at Trader Joe’s, find a bunch of off-the-wall items to make the person receiving the gift smile—and fill his or her tummy!

Unique International Product

International Gifts

If your loved one has a specific country that is special to them, why not buy an item from that place? The internet makes it possible to order items from around the world.

It also makes your gift that much more memorable. And for a person who already has everything, that is definitely a plus.

Service with a Smile

Eyeglass Holder

Buying something that makes a person’s life easier is always a hit. For example, if a family member works full time and has no time to clean her house, you could buy her a one-time cleaning service or if your brother is the main cook of the household, you could buy him a fun product to enhance his culinary skills or even a cooking class. If your husband is always misplacing his glasses, buy him a snazzy face eyeglass holder
statue so he can keep track of them.

For an even more economical gift, make an elderly neighbor a special certificate to use for a home cooked meal from you or housecleaning. These are especially useful for those who may have a difficult time cooking and cleaning themselves.

Keep in mind your loved one’s situation. Do they have kids? Pets? Think about their profession. Could they use trinkets for their classroom or office? Musing on what they could really use is vitally important to ensuring your gift is memorable.



For someone who has everything, things are not that important. Instead it’s all about making and preserving memories. A personalized photo book is a great way to do this. Use the lyrics from a favorite song alongside pictures. Or dig up some old photos of you two in high school and make them live again in a new picture book. A 20-page 8×8 book from Shutterfly can be as low as $5 on Groupon!

Another option is to create a customized storybook starring a friend or relative, such as this tearjerker called “When [Insert Name] Grows Up” made by It’s a sentimental gift that won’t soon be forgotten!

Family Photo Shoot

Family Picture

If you have a little more funds, buy someone a photo shoot. Growing families often can’t afford to do one so it is a great gift for grandparents or parents to get for their kids. This will most likely net you some beautiful keepsake photos too. Even better, buy a slot for you to do a photo shoot together!

Meal Services/Gift Cards

Gift Card

Gift cards are a great option for a person who has everything. It shows you care, but allows your friend to make her own decision about what she needs most. These can come in the form of a VISA or Amazon card, or can be from almost any store.

It can be fun to buy one for a particular place that, for example, the person wouldn’t think to go to themselves. If your friend is pregnant, get her a gift card to Cake Maternity or even Old Navy, which has an awesome selection of maternity clothes.

Meal services, such as HelloFresh and Blue Apron (which are as economical as $60 for a full week of meals) are especially helpful for a new mom or friend who is expecting soon after the holiday season ends.

Massage/Relaxing Experience


Most people agree that any kind of massage, pedicure or manicure is still one of the top gifts to receive. Spice it up by sending a loved one for a massage in a salt cave or hot springs. Groupon always has great ideas for experiences, and for an adventurous person, these are often welcome treats.

As you set off to the find the perfect gift, it is important to peruse a variety of sites. Have your list in your hand and see if any of the gifts you come across bring to mind a particular person. Visit sites such as groupon,,, and for ideas, and really think about what your friend or family member would appreciate. Even though it is more work, the excitement on your loved one’s face when he or she opens it will be well worth it!

Looking for other creative and unique gift ideas? Check out this article!

If you have any questions, ask them below. I’m always happy to help!

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  1. Love your blog!!! Wow!! These gift ideas are quite imaginative..LOL.
    I really liked the “handblown shot glass”. PERFECT for the holiday season with any kind of drink in it.
    Thank you for all of the ideas. 🙂

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