Make Money with Research Studies


Complete simple interview surveys to earn some extra income.

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By using the website Respondent you can participate in research studies to make some extra money. The best part about Respondent is the pay, there’s nothing similar in the industry that pays as much. Below I will explain a little how the process works.

When you first sign up you will have to answer a few simple questions about yourself, and your background. Then once your account is confirmed you can start to look for research studies you want to participate in. If you see a studies that you seem to match well with you will click on it and answer some initial questions. After answering the short questions you will receive a qualification percentage. If you qualify someone from the study will most likely contact you to complete the study.

After you’ve been asked to participate in a study you will choose a time to complete the interview. Most interviews are done through Zoom. You will either see the interviewer through video, or just hear their voice when you talk to them. When completing the interview all you do is answer questions the interviewer asks you. The questions are based on your opinions and thoughts, they aren’t difficult to answer. You don’t need any special training or anything, as it’s all about your own opinions. After you finish the interview you will be paid via PayPal in a few days.

It’s that simple, that’s all there is to it. These easy interview studies pay well. You can make a decent side income from them. Start making some simple money with research studies!