Should I Buy Google Home?

Should I Buy Google Home

Home assistant products have recently become all the rage! Between Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home, it seems like there is always “someone” available to help us out. Google Home
is a great investment that you will soon find you can’t live without! Google also offers some deals when purchasing. Students get 10% off and everyone gets 3 free months of SiriusXM Premier Streaming. Read on for what this amazing assistant can do and how it is extremely helpful around the house.

Connects with Other Smart Devices

Should I Buy Google Home?

One of the most amazing things about Google Home is that it can connect to other smart devices in your home. Google Home connects with smart thermostats like Nest to allow for control over the heater and air conditioner. Simply say “Hey Google, set the thermostat to 70 degrees”, and the thermostat will automatically adjust. Have a smart lighting system using something like HUE? Say “Hey Google, turn on the lights”, and the lights will come on. This is a very helpful feature when walking into a dark house as you can get the lights to come on with your voice as opposed to stumbling across the room to find the switch. If your lights are attached to dimmers, you can tell Google to dim your lights to 25%, 50% or 75% creating the exact ambiance you want in the room. Have any WEMO smart plugs? Say “Hey Google, turn on the coffee maker” and the coffee maker will turn on. Google Home can even connect with your Nest doorbell. Simply say “Hey Google, show doorbell” and the footage of the front porch from Nest will show up on the display. Google can connect with smart appliances and perform tasks like starting the dishwasher. Need help cleaning up? Tell Google to ask your Roomba to clean and watch as your room gets vacuumed.

Imagine a house full of smart devices all connected to your Google Home. You wake up in the morning to a dark house. “Hey Google, turn on the bedroom and bathroom light.” As you get ready, you realize that you could really use a cup of coffee. “Hey Google, turn on the coffee maker.” As you walk into the kitchen you realize it is a bit chilly. “Hey Google, turn the heat up to 72.” As you eat your breakfast, the doorbell rings. “Hey Google, show the doorbell.” The front porch shows up on the screen and you notice that a package has been delivered. Before you head to work, ask Google to start the dishwasher for you so that the dishes will be clean when you get home from work. Throughout this morning routine alone, you have saved a lot of time and energy thanks to your Google Home.

Entertainment Central

Another awesome feature of Google Home is that it serves as your entertainment center. Google home connects with music apps like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio to play your favorite music. Simply say “Hey Google, play 80s music” and your home will fill with tunes from an 80s playlist. In addition to listening from the Google Home, the device also can connect with Sonos speakers so the music can be played throughout the entire house. Google Home can also read aloud audiobooks and podcasts. Google Home can connect with Chromecast so that you can stream movies on your TV. Tell Google to play a movie and it will pop up on your television.

Google Home can provide entertainment for the whole family. The device has various trivia games including space trivia and Sports Illustrated trivia. Google Home can also start fun family games like freeze dance and musical chairs. Looking for a bedtime story for your kids? Ask Google to tell a story and it will begin to tell your kids a bedtime story.

Your Personal Assistant

Google Home is also your personal assistant. Connect it with your Google calendar and get daily updates about your schedule. Ask a question like “Hey Google, when’s my first event tomorrow?” and Google will tell you. Before stepping outside, ask Google about the weather so you know what to wear. Google can do so many helpful things including giving information about local restaurants, keeping track of finances, checking email, tracking fitness, and purchasing tickets to events. Did you know Google Home has over 1 million actions to try? Google Home can also help you in the kitchen by first storing your shopping list and then giving you various recipes. This device may be even more helpful than having a human for a personal assistant. Check out some unique actions Google can do such as ordering Starbucks, translating languages, and even helping to build a resume!

Google Home is an amazing gift to get for a loved one or for your own home. Google Home comes in the form of speakers, smart displays, and wearables. You can get the Google Assistant app on your phone, in the car, on the TV, or on a laptop. With Google Home the options are endless. Get connected and start saving time and energy with all of the outstanding features embedded within Google Home. Your Google Home device will work with more than 5,000 smart home devices from more than 150 brands. The device will help you in all aspects of your life. It can help with cooking, cleaning, keeping your schedule organized, entertainment, and much more! Invest in a Google Home today or give it to someone else for the gift of a lifetime!

Looking to learn a few more features of Google Home? Watch the video below:

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