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What is the best place to start a blog

Are you interested in starting a blog, but don’t know where to start? You want to know; what is the best place to start a blog? Well, don’t you worry I will let you know a blogging secret that helps many bloggers. Many bloggers that use this resource are making a TON of money each month. With a blog you can expect to see money come in month after month, all you need is a little motivation and patience. The great thing about a blog is anyone can start one, and anyone can make money from one, as long as you can create content. Well, let’s get to it! Below I will answer the big question: what is the best place to start a blog?


You NEED to join Wealthy Affiliate. You will have a much higher chance of succeeding if you join this amazing community. Wealthy Affiliate, or WA, is an ALL-IN-ONE service that helps you ever step of your blogging path. It takes you by the hand and shoes you everything you need to do in order to have a successful blog. Also, everything is located in one convenient location, right on the WA website. If you make a blog other ways you will have WordPress here, hosting there, training over here, but with WA it’s all right at your fingertips in one spot. This is HUGE, especially if you aren’t a really advanced technically speaking. It will make your life so much easier.

Another big advantage of WA is the training. It shows you everything you need for your blog to take off with flying colors. First, you’ll learn about how to set up your blog. Then, you’ll learn how to write proper content. Next, you’ll learn how to get traffic to your blog through SEO. Finally, you’ll learn how to get people engaged in your blog. My favorite part is learning about SEO, as I never understood it until I joined WA. The training will exceed any other training you can think of, and it includes everything you need in order to succeed.

Basically, WA is your one-stop-shop. It has absolutely everything you need in order to get your blog out there and making money. You will have access to content templates, keyword research, support at your finger tips, and so much more.

Learn more about WA here!


Go through ALL the training at your own pace. You might be able to complete an entire section in a day, or it might take you weeks. It all depends on the amount of time you have and your prior knowledge. But, no matter where you’re coming from the training is straightforward and easy to follow, as long as you go in order and complete all the steps. If you walk through the training and complete all the tasks, you are sure to succeed and create a successful blog. But, I can’t stress it enough you need to go through ALL the training in order and make sure you understand it. You will easily understand each step, as it is laid out and you just need to follow the process.


Keep writing posts. Many people will fail because they don’t have the patience. You absolutely need to have patience. Your blog will not start making money right out the door. It takes time for you posts to rank in Google. You will learn all about using proper keywords to rank in Google too, so don’t stress about not knowing how to rank. WA does a great job of teaching you exactly how to use keywords in your posts. You may start making money after a couple months, or it may take several months. But, you have to keep creating posts and adding content to your blog. If you do this in time your blog will start to be flowing with traffic, and you will begin to see money coming in. If you keep writing posts and have some patients, your blog will take off!


Keep finding ways to make your blog interesting. Once your blog starts to take off it is essential that you keep it interesting. This can be finding new products to promote, or just about anything. But, keep it interesting. You will try to find things that are fun for your audience to learn about and they will continually come back to learn more from you. Don’t ever turn boring just because your blog is getting traffic and making money. You will want to keep visitors wanting more and more.

Learn more about how WA works by watching the video below:

Start a Money Making Blog

The BEST decision you will probably make is starting a blog. It’s the best one I’ve ever made. At first, I was skeptical. I keep thinking no one will want to read it, how will I come up with good content, or will this ever make me money? But, I kept chugging along, and eventually it paid off. You will be able to make money with a blog if you have content and patience. If it wasn’t for the help from WA I don’t know if my blog would be where it is today. I used WA for all my training and it helped me get ranked high in Google. I don’t know where my blog would be if I didn’t have the help from WA. It’s such an amazing service that provides you with every single tool you need to be a successful blogger in today’s world. It will take you by the hand so you can create content, follow training, rank in Google, and more, all in ONE spot. I just can’t get over how wonderful WA is and how it makes blogging so much more efficient and effective. At least give it a try if you’re thinking of starting a blog. And I highly recommend starting a blog if you’re looking to make extra money, that can some day be a full-time income. So, What is the best place to start a blog? The answer is: get your butt on over to Wealthy Affiliate!

If you have any questions please ask them below. I’m always happy to help!

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