What is the Best way to Start a Blog to Make Money?

What is the Best way to Start a Blog to Make Money?

Starting a blog can be confusing, but we are here to help! I will explain the best place to start a blog and how to get going. You will be able to do EVERYTHING for your blog all in one place. Now, what is the best way to start a blog to make money?

Head on Over to Wealthy Affiliate – All in One Blog Creation

I’ve done the research, and tried many blog training courses, website builders, and just about everything out there. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the way to go. EVERYTHING is available in one place with WA. You create your website through WordPress, have hosting through WA, and other tools. The BEST part is you can connect with all these aspects on ONE website. That means no more having to go to this website, and this host, and that. It’s ALL right in one spot, which my personal favorite aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. But, there are so many amazing things about the company. Another thing they offer is training, and it’s good stuff. It takes you step by step on how to build your blog. It explains everything you need to know, and has excellent videos to help. You follow the training in order and learn how to design your blog, get traffic, make money, and so much more. Wealthy affiliate is packed full of every thing, literally EVERYTHING you need to get your blog up and running and a money making machine.

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Training Help

As I’ve already mentioned the training at Wealthy Affiliate tops any other similar training in the industry. You begin by setting up your blog. If you don’t have any knowledge of WordPress or other blogging background info, don’t worry. You can go as slow as you need through the training. The training is very easy to understand and follow no matter what level of experience you have. After you have your blog design all set up you will start to create content for your blog. The great part about this is that Wealthy Affiliate has numerous templates you can use to create content. This is beneficial because it makes writing posts a smoother process. To give you an idea of the training process it pretty much goes like this: getting started, building traffic, making money, social engagement, and advanced content creation. You go in order and slowly your blog gets better and better and better. The training at WA goes above and beyond.

Keyword Help

When it comes to trying to get traffic to your website, many people are very confused. I was always confused about how the heck to get traffic. I didn’t even know where to begin. I knew keywords were used to help rank your site on Google, but how do I get keywords, where do they come from, my head was basically spinning. I’ve learned how important keywords were to rank, but didn’t know what to do with them. The ONLY website that has helped me use keywords to rank high on Google is Wealthy Affiliate, I never understood the concept before WA. You will be able to use a tool to help you choose the best keywords, and you actually LEARN what to do with all these keywords. You will have a brand new outlook on keywords that can take your blog to the top, literally,

Extra Help

Not only is there training that you follow step by step, but there is a ton of other training too. There are live events that help teach you relevant topics and concepts about your blog. You can ask questions while live, and you get help from numerous people. You can also use the live chat area, and you get immediate help from other members. I’ve never had an issue with people responding, I always get great help, and it’s super fast. In the live chat it’s similar to messaging or sending texts, it’s instant. If by some off chance you have tried all of these help options and still have a question, you can ask anything by sending a site support ticket for more help. You usually get a quick response, within 24 hours, and they can help with basically anything website related. So, if you’re ever stuck there are so many resources that you will definitely be able to sort out any issues you may have.

Premium Membership

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free, no cost at ALL. With a free account you cannot have a personal domain and you cannot use all the training. But, trust be you will want these aspects. That’s why you will eventually want to get the premium membership. But, start with the free membership to test out the waters, make sure you like it. The premium membership lets you have access to everything, and I mean everything. From the training, to the research tools, domain connections, WordPress, hosting, everything you need to get your blog going. So, what the heck does it cost? It costs $49 a month, for EVERYTHING. You will pay nothing else (unless you need a domain name, but those are inexpensive). This includes all that I’ve talked about, which is worth a heck of a lot more. That’s why it’s smart to eventually go premium and make some amazing websites. Soon you will be able to pay for the monthly membership with the affiliate income you’re making on your blog anyways. All in all it’s a win, and your blog with begin to do amazing things.

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Simply the Best Blog Building Site

When it comes to building a blog I tell everyone I know to check out Wealthy Affiliate, don’t even waste time or money with any other resources or training, because with WA everything is all in one place together. But, first try the free version and check it out for yourself. I couldn’t stand having to go to many different sites to reach all the different aspects of my blog, but now I do everything in one place. Basically, WA if you one-stop-shop for blogging. So, when you’re asking yourself what is the Best way to Start a Blog to Make Money? Believe me, nothing tops Wealthy Affiliate.

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If you have any questions, ask them below, I’m always happy to help!

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